Why Event Planners Should Source Bantex Materials

Posted by Craig Zola on May 22, 2019

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The way you choose to outfit your big event will reflect on your overall presentation. Small touches like the flyers you produce and catering you provide are as much a part of your gala as the keynote speaker.

Your choice of signage and banners is no different — you want print media that will reflect positively on your event. For banners, that means superior sharpness and color correctness, not to mention a product that’ll stand up to the elements. A faded, curled banner doesn’t enhance your branding in the least.

For this reason, event planners have a major stake in the print media their print shop uses. Print experts know that using inkjet-ready vinyl media like Bantex will produce higher quality prints. But why is that?

First, let’s take a look at all your options:


Traditionally, outdoor banners were made using canvas or a similar heavy woven fabric. These banners were either hand painted or screen printed. Modern fabric banners are made using lightweight polyester cloth or mesh that are dye sublimated to bond the image or text to the material.

The vast majority of polyester banners are designed for indoor use. When displayed outdoors, they will quickly stretch and fade. Because of their lightweight material, they’re often semi-transparent, which can look cheap and unprofessional. While fabric banners offer sharp photo-quality visuals, their lightweight material can make them look like an afterthought (even when used indoors).

Screen Grade Vinyl

Vinyl signs are the superior option for outdoor use. However, much of the vinyl material on the market isn’t designed for modern large format inkjet printing. The surface finish on cheap, imported material is made with high dot gain to ensure full color coverage during screen printing. However, inkjet printing works differently than screen printing — instead, high dot gain muddies up visual quality and color correctness.

High dot gain re-distributes ink from dozens of individual picoliter-size droplets and blends them into a consistent sheen. As a result, inkjet prints done on standard screen grade vinyl will lack in image sharpness. Often, logo colors will become inconsistent. In addition, cheap screen grade vinyl doesn’t stand up well to sunlight — it’s often quick to fade and become brittle, leading to ripped grommets.


Bantex inkjet-ready outdoor vinyl is the highest quality print media on the market. In addition to its superior weather resistance, it features a microtextured print face that minimizes dot gain for photo quality prints that are worthy of any event. In addition, Bantex is always curl free and ready to mount in a variety of configurations.

What sets Bantex apart?


Bantex offers designers unmatched visual quality and advanced color correctness to create a vibrant look and feel that captures attention. This allows you to unify branding across print mediums. With Bantex, the banners you produce are ultra sharp with photo quality visuals and text.


Curl-free Bantex vinyl material can withstand weather at outdoor events without ripping or becoming brittle. How does that work?

Plasticizers in vinyl keep your banners flexible and soft. Bantex uses advanced PVC technology to prevent plasticizer loss, which ensures that vinyl will last longer — both in terms of shelf life and out in the world. This durability is especially important for individuals who want to use sign and post banners to promote their event.

If you host an evergreen event that will be running for several months, a higher quality banner will stay looking good for longer, and will continue to attract business as a result.


Spend a bit more on your banner and you can actually save money in the long term. For events that happen annually, reusing banners can cut down operating costs and promote consistent branding.

Higher grade banners and signs are easier to store and less likely to develop fold marks — an indication of plasticity loss associated with sun damage.

Get started with Bantex for your next banner. Find a preferred partner.

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