Why Bantex PVC Banner Material Stands Above the Competition

Posted by Bantex Digital Team on November 21, 2016

Bantex_Logo.jpgYou have a lot of options when it comes to sourcing material for your banner sign. Materials vary in quality, of course, which is always one of the main concerns. But even controlling for quality, the nature of the internet makes it very difficult to narrow down your options and make a choice. Often, your choice has to depend on what your printer can handle or who can ship quickly enough. There are a few other factors to consider as well, though.

Customer Service

As a manufacturer, Herculite Inc. (which produces the Bantex brand) values innovation and customization. Herculite places a huge emphasis on customer service. After dealing with heavy-duty fabrics in various contexts for more than 60 years, the company is able to quickly understand what fabric will work best for your project and has encountered practically every printer configuration possible. Bantex also has a six month shelf guarantee to account for plasticizer migration and highly values customer service and customer satisfaction.

Buying Bantex is a great way to save money, ensure you get exactly what you need, and build a relationship that will be beneficial to your organization in the future. When you deal with an importer, you’re communicating with someone who’s not going to know quite as much about the fabric as the people who made it themselves.

Widely Compatible

One problem you may encounter when choosing a fabric to work with is finding a fabric that will work with your printer. Bantex banner material -- made by combining PVC vinyl with scrim and adding heat, pressure and adhesive -- works across the board with any eco-solvent, solvent, UV-curable, or latex inkjet printers. There is not a printer in the market with those ink types that Bantex does not work with successfully. It’s no fun to find out after you’ve already ordered a huge roll of material that it’s not going to work with your usual printer.

The Bantex Advantage: What Makes Bantex the Top Fabric for Digitally-Printed Signs

Bantex also offers its PVC banner material in a variety of widths. Various printers have a lot of different preferred sizes. Some of the standards include 36 inches, 54 inches, and 60 inches, but Bantex makes even more than that. The fabrics come in 25, 50 or 100 yard rolls. This wide variety of options makes it easy to offer your customers exactly what they want as a print shop or to get what you need as a project specifier.

American Made

Bantex is made in America, which is a huge plus for many reasons. First, the products are not being imported, which cuts down on shipping fees and time, as well as import markups. There’s also an intrinsic benefit of supporting American companies because it helps create jobs and support the American economy, making it a great way to express your company’s sense of patriotism, especially if you have a customer-facing pledge to work with American manufacturers whenever possible. Buying from companies based in the United States also helps lower your company’s carbon footprint since the shipping distance is cut way down.

Most American companies selling PVC fabrics like these are actually not manufacturers, even if they may seem to be from their websites. Herculite is one of the only manufacturers of digital banner material in the United States -- the vast majority of other companies are actually importers. American manufacturers have a lot to offer and if that’s something you value, Herculite will be a great partner for your company to choose.

Bantex offers the best banner material on the market for digitally printed signs. Learn more about the Bantex Advantage and why it stands out from the rest of the competition by visiting this page.

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