Welcome to the New and Improved Bantex

Posted by Dan Dix on July 2, 2018

new bantex logo2 2018Even the best digital print media in its class can up its game once in a while.

Don’t worry! Everything that’s already great about Bantex is staying the same. We aren’t changing its proprietary vinyl formula, curl-free engineering, or anything else that makes it the leading vinyl banner material. We’re just giving it a new look — and, importantly, a new feel.

Now, with a new and improved website and sample collateral, we’re making the Bantex experience more enjoyable. We’re excited to present insider info about how to get more from our industry-leading digital banner media.

Stop by our new Bantex website and see what the all the fuss is about. We have a fresh new blog and some Ebooks to show you on how to get the best quality prints for your buck.

We also have a special designers’ contest in the works. Stay tuned for more info!

Why does Bantex stand out from the crowd?

Bantex is the premier vinyl media for outdoor banners, with unmatched color vibrancy, image resolution, and resilience. Here’s why:

Heavy hand

Most cheap imported vinyl isn’t designed for use in today’s roll-to-roll digital inkjet printers. Screen-grade vinyl media is described as having a soft hand, which means it’s limp and flexible. By comparison, Bantex uses a heavy hand which allows it to print without wrinkling, bunching, or jamming, even at the high temperatures required for latex prints.


“The print quality and color gamuts that come off the Bantex media is phenomenal — our customers always rave about it. And it really helps us to always provide the high quality product that they are looking for and that we want to provide.”  
— Jon Toy, owner of FastSigns from York, PA.

Surface texture matters for print quality and resolution. A lot of screen-grade vinyl comes with higher dot gain than is recommended for industrial inkjet printing. While this dot gain is necessary to ensure ink coverage for screen printing, it’s not ideal for the hyper-focused print heads on today’s high-resolution inkjets.

To prevent dot gain and increase resolution, Bantex uses a patented microtexture finish. Banners printed on Bantex have up to 10% higher resolution than those printed on competitive banner media.

Ink Powered

Finding the right ink and material combination is often difficult when using cheap imported banner vinyl. Bantex makes matching your ink and print media easy. It’s engineered to print with all solvent, eco-solvent, UV-curable, and latex inkjet printers.

Don’t believe us? We offer free sample rolls for testing Bantex against your current banner media on your printer. We’ll even cover the cost of shipping.

Latex inks require high heat to cure properly. Banner media that isn’t properly suited for high temperatures can warp, curl, and even melt during production. Bantex, on the other hand, is designed for latex printing and carries the HP Latex Certification seal of approval. No curling, no jamming, no problem.

Custom Widths

Customization opens up a whole world of possibilities for print shops looking to expand their offerings. We manufacture our vinyl in thousand-yard rolls, which we then cut down into different sizes to meet demand. Unlike many other manufacturers, Bantex is available in sizes that fit standard large-format printers that use 25 and 50 yard rolls, plus widths up to 80 inches wide.

We produce vinyl media for every large format on the market. If you invented a bigger one yourself, we could custom cut you a special width at no extra charge.


We keep everything close to home, which is why we can make promises about quality that our competitors simply can’t match.

We create Bantex from start to finish in-house at our York, Pennsylvania facility, where it’s manufactured, quality tested, portioned, custom packaged, and finally shipped to your shop.

Quality Packaging

The best manufacturing practices and quality assurance are meaningless when your product isn’t packaged effectively. Poor packaging results in a product that arrives damaged in the box or contains splices, which can destroy the integrity of the product.

Highly effective packaging protects your vinyl through rough-and-tumble shipping channels. It keeps out contaminants such as dirt and dust that ruin prints and can accumulate in your printer, causing damage over time.

Manufacturer’s Guarantee

Shelf life is an underappreciated aspect in banner vinyl quality. Over time, plasticizers added to vinyl banner material will migrate away from the compound, which creates a plastic layer on the surface of the banner media that rejects ink. The older the vinyl is, the more difficult it becomes to achieve high-quality prints.

Thanks to its industry-leading manufacturing standards, Bantex is able to give a six month print/shelf life guarantee against color quality and resolution loss. For print shops, that means when delays happen or cancellations occur, you have a vinyl that will wait until the time is right.

Seeing is believing! Request a Bantex sample today.

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