Vinyl Banners and Signs Grow in Marketing Popularity

Posted by Bantex Digital Team on May 13, 2019

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While social media is the topic frequently written about in marketing trend articles, it’s important to recognize the growing popularity of vinyl banners and signs as cost effective, versatile and easy-to-use marketing techniques. Best of all, because of advances in computer-aided design, digital inkjet printers and engineered printing materials, vinyl banners and signs are more colorful and more intricately designed than ever before.

“A growing number of sign shops are expanding their graphic design capabilities,” said Craig Zola, vice president of marketing for Herculite, Inc., the makers of Bantex Digital Media, a leader in flexible composite textiles for digital inkjet printing of vinyl banners and signs. “The days when vinyl banners and signs were limited to just text are long gone. Print shops can assist their customers with complex designs that printers and printing materials can translate into brand building, eye-popping marketing tools.”

Astute print shops are morphing into graphic and brand identity enterprises with vinyl banners and signs as a core offering, according to Bill Foster, national sales manager for Bantex Digital Media.

“Options for vinyl banners and signs have grown tremendously,” Foster said. “Print shops can offer their customers banner materials tailored to a full range of applications, varying by weight of the material, one or two-sided, black back or opaque. Imagination is the only limit when it comes to customizing vinyl banners and signs.”

Retractable banners are one of the most popular options in vinyl banners and signs today for point of sale, trade shows and special events.

“The good news about retractable banners is the level of color and image clarity and curl-free performance,” Foster said. “Customers often view retractable banners up close in trade show booths or at point of sale. This means the color pop and image clarity must be exceptionally good. Nothing diminishes the effectiveness of a retractable banner quite like curled edges.”

Another important trend for vinyl banners and signs is increased use outdoors as directional, brand building and special event applications. Durability and resistance to fading are essential as well as the ability to feature two-sided printing or black-back options.

“A banner outdoors can be an incredibly impactful marketing tool for a special event or new store opening,” Zola said. “These banners have to be rugged to withstand the elements and opacity also becomes an issue when you do two-sided printing. A black back is one option or material with a level of opacity that prevents bleed through of images.”

According to Foster, there are excellent opportunities for profitable growth with vinyl banners and signs for distributors and sign and graphic shops. For distributors, it’s essential that they carry a full line of products and that their sales representatives are well trained in the various applications and quality of materials.

Sign and graphic shops that want to capitalize on the growing popularity of vinyl banners and signs should also offer a full range of material options and assure that they sales staffs are well trained in matching customer needs with quality materials, Foster said.

The most important trend that sign and graphic shops should consider with vinyl banners and signs is customer expectations for quality in color, image and performance.

“When it comes to taking advantage of the growing popularity of vinyl banners and signs it’s essential to think quality,” Foster said. “A banner or sign makes a huge statement, and successful sign and graphic shops assure that their customers make a positive statement with the most advanced digital printing materials available. A banner is more than just a banner – it’s a representation of a customer’s brand.”

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