Vinyl Banners and Affordable Advertising

Posted by Bantex Digital Team on January 7, 2015

Banner_Jewlry_Boston_edited-1Advertising can cost a fortune. From newspapers, to radio, to television, the expenses add up fast. Although buying ads can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars, at some point many businesses end up spending money on some form of marketing.

While there are a variety of options and ways to market and advertise your business, there are simple, cost effective ways as well. One way to advertise your business is by using long-term placements like vinyl banners.

When we think of banners, we often think of them as being useful during conventions, trade shows, gatherings, and other events. But another great way to utilize these affordable products is by using them as ads for your business.  Banners can be tastefully hung on your building wall, made into stands for the lobby of your business, or sign flags you can place outside, or you can create banners that you can stake into the ground near the street. How many times have you passed a business and noticed their banner sign about a product or event? Probably too many to count!

Well-made/printed banner signs can be eye catching; visibility isn’t an issue as long as you get the right size and colors. Next to the low cost, banners are great because you can use them again-and-again and for however long you want; there’s no renewal fee you just buy the banner one time.

Just keep in mind, when you buy a banner sign, you will want to use quality printing and materials. You want to make sure your banner’s colors are bright, and won’t fade too easily. That’s why using vinyl is a great choice. Vinyl is durable and long lasting.  The material can also be made flame and scratch resistant.

Herculite Inc. offers an excellent line of banner media materials and printing products. The company’s Bantex® Banner Media product is the premier digital print media for all solvent based, UV curable and latex digital inkjet printers. Optimal stock widths allow “full-bleed” printing on 36” and 72” output.  

Made in the USA, Herculite’s Bantex® Banner Media graphic fabrics are manufactured from the highest grades of polymer films to ensure ease of profiling and the highest resolution possible. Herculite’s banner materials can also be made to have excellent water, mildew, chemical, and oil resistance. For more information visit

If you’re thinking about using banners for your ads, here are some tips: 

  • Banners can be hung on your building’s wall.
  • Using banner stands outside of your business (especially for restaurants) can capture the attention of potential customers.
  • Banners can be made with ground stakes, into flag signs, tabletops, and more.
  • Create a design that’s easy to see and yet still eye-catching to the public.
  • Remember, when storing your banner sign keep it in a dry, cool place.
  • Use quality materials; vinyl banners are an excellent choice.
  • Clean your sign using nonabrasive solutions.

So when you’re thinking about advertising and a low-cost solution to the high-cost choices out there, remember using banner signs is a great choice for your budget. 

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