Two-Sided Banners a Snap with Bantex and HP OMAS

Posted by Bantex Digital Team on June 25, 2019


One of the greatest underused marketing and sales opportunities for print shops are two-sided vinyl banners. 

Many print shops print two copies of sign or banner artwork and then glue them together to achieve a double-sided effect. It’s a time consuming, labor intensive process, and the resulting banners are subject to failure if the glue holding the two banners should separate.

However, thanks to HP 360 and 370 printers using Bantex® two-sided media, front and back banners are a snap.

Finding a Better Solution

A much better solution for print shops with HP 360 and 370 printers is generating perfectly registered two-sided banners on a single sheet of Bantex two-sided media. These digital printers from HP come equipped with technology known as OMAS (Optical Media Advance Sensor) which assures that the media moves smoothly through the printer with perfect alignment and registration.

To achieve these results, print shops should print on Bantex two-sided media, which is available in five different versions of varying weights with a curl-free option. Bantex Digital Media is ideal for two-sided printing thanks its identical face and reverse sides with micro-texturing for optimum image and color clarity. Additionally, the robust nature of Bantex products assures fast and efficient production.


 Bantex Digital Media product options suited for two-sided printing and their recommended uses. 

Product Name Recommended Uses
Bantex® Curl Free™ 13oz  Hanging banners and stands
Bantex® Curl Free™ 10oz  Similar to 13oz just lighter weight
Bantex® Premier 13oz High quality, just not curl free
Bantex® Premier 10oz  Lighter weight, great value
Bantex® Supreme 18oz  Durable for outdoor applications

Bantex Digital Media is the most technically advanced vinyl banner and sign material available today Engineered specifically for digital inkjet printers, Bantex features "ColorSure Technology™," the most technically advanced component on the market. This technology ensures exceptionally rich color and image clarity, along with the ultimate in production efficiency.

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And for an overview of OMAS check out this video from HP: