Tips for Picking a Fabrics Supplier of Outdoor Advertising Banners

Posted by Bantex Digital Team on November 16, 2016

Bantex.jpgMarketing and advertising is an integral part of any business. For outdoor advertising banner providers, choosing the right fabric supplier is essential. Otherwise, potential customers that are seeking durable good-looking banners could be lost due to dissatisfaction with the material quality.

Billboards, banner signs, and other outdoor ads like flags and pole signs, are all printed on specialty fabric. The design or ad “should be sufficiently bright and conspicuous to attract attention (without being garish) and sufficiently informative to let prospective customers know what’s sold there,,” according to the Small Business Encyclopedia at

That means for suppliers of outdoor advertising banners, the material that’s used should be both strong as well as capable of working with bright colors and art. Keep in mind, not all outdoor banner sign materials are the same. That’s why doing your due diligence is important. Finding the right supplier of outdoor banner sign fabrics can be time consuming. Bantex, made by Herculite Inc., simplifies the process by letting you know what is provided in a straightforward and transparent manner. The Bantex graphics media line of products includes:

  • Curl Free
  • Two Sided
  • Allows Full Bleed Pringing on 36” and 72” Output
  • Excellent for Solvent Based, UV Curable, Latex Digital Inkjet Printers
  • HP Certified
  • Polymer Films are Highest Grades Ensuring Highest Resolution Possible
  • Flame Retardant
  • Micro-Textured for Lower Dot Gain
  • Photographic Print Quality
  • Predictable Color Clarity
  • Can be 100% Opaque

In fact, Herculite’s Bantex® Digital Banner Media products are used by businesses like Georgia Printco across the United States. Bantex media products are excellent for various outdoor ad applications, including banner signs, pole signs, billboards, and more. Not only are Bantex Media products of the highest standards, but they are also backed by Herculite’s ISO 9001 certification. This means that the textiles Herculite supplies to you meet the International Standards Organization (ISO) requirements for quality management.

It’s also important to remember that while product quality is essential, you also want the customer service to match. If you have questions, concerns, thoughts, or even just a comment about your textile you should be able to talk to your supplier. If there’s an issue, you should be able to resolve it in a timely manner. That’s why at Herculite Inc. employs a team of associates that are committed and passionate about how they can help you. Herculite’s solution-oriented approach to customer service is one of the many things that sets it apart from other outdoor advertising banner fabric providers.

Now that you know a little more about Bantex, download our free whitepaper, Selecting the Right Inkjet Printer for your Banner Sign.

Selecting The Right Printer Herculite Whitepaper