Three Advantages to Defect Free Boxes for Large Vinyl Banners Fabric

Posted by Bantex Digital Team on November 14, 2016

HERC_bantex_box_roll.jpgPrinting on vinyl banner fabrics is a delicate process. In particular, printing on large vinyl banner fabrics can get a little messy or complicated. Doing your due diligence and finding the right product for your needs is essential. Equally important is receiving that product in excellent condition. That’s why purchasing large vinyl banner fabrics that come in defect-free boxes is imperative.

You might be wondering, what in the world are defect free boxes (DFB)? Basically, DFBs house the roll of banner fabric used to print on. Much like a roll of plastic wrap, the banner material is encased in a box to protect the textile. There are three distinct advantages to using DFBs for large vinyl banner fabrics:

  1. The roll is guaranteed to be defect free. No more worrying about the roll being damaged while in its storage unit.
  2. There are no splices in the roll.  
  3. The whole roll can be printed on.

The DFBs and rolls come in a variety of sizes - from 54, 60, to 72  inch wide - which means you have flexibility. Rolls lengths are also varied and include 25, 50, and 100 yard options. Not every manufacturer provides DFBs with roll purchases. Finding the right manufacturer for your needs is important and doing your due diligence is the first step in selecting the right supplier.

The Bantex Advantage: What Makes Bantex the Top Fabric for Digitally-Printed Signs

DFBs are an important part of preserving your investment and ensuring the quality of your vinyl banner sign. Keep in mind that over time, the softening agent in vinyl - plasticizer - naturally migrates to the print surface of the fabric. This means the plasticizer will interfere with the  ink adhesion process. Also, it’s important to remember that letting dust, dirt, or other contaminants collect on your roll will also damage the fabric and interfere with the printing process. This is why having your roll in a DFB is so advantageous.

While there are a variety of ways to print on banner signs, inkjet is one of the fastest and most detailed processes. That’s why having rolls that are defect free, stored, and ready for printing at a moment’s notice is important. Keeping boxes of large vinyl banner fabrics in stock and ready, is an excellent way to set yourself apart from competitors who might have damaged rolls or no product at all. DFBs allow you the safety net of being able to store large banner fabric without the hassle of covering them with other tarps and keeping them free of dust.

The sign industry is poised for growth in 2017, according to the International Sign Association. This means that using things like Defect Free Boxes will help set you apart from the sign and printer shop competition. Customer service, coupled with innovation, can help you boost sales and take advantage of the growing market. Just remember, find the right banner sign fabric supplier - like Bantex - and take advantage of things like defect free boxes.

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