Merchandising to Maximize Banner and Sign Sales

Posted by Bantex Digital Team on June 26, 2019

Print Shop Merchandising

One of the greatest expenses for sign shop owners is their retail space, which makes it essential to merchandise that space to full advantage. We’d like to offer a few tips on how sign and graphic shops can better merchandise at retail to increase vinyl banner and sign sales.

  • Posters – Using Bantex Digital Media, you can print posters as wall art to not only help merchandise the banner business but to beautify your shop. In preparing these banners, it’s best to focus on beautiful images with the sales messages as a secondary element. Draw customers in with the imagery and then subtly suggest they too can have beautiful banners and signs.

  • Sample Handouts – Using the same beautiful images that you use for posters, sign shops can print smaller samples of these images on Bantex Digital Media as a take away item. These samples can be as small as 5X7, again with the emphasis on the beautiful imagery, but with a Bantex logo and your contact information included.

  • Fact Sheets – Bantex Digital Media is a premier product that is geared toward customers who truly value their brand images. Bantex can provide you with a PDF sales sheet for Bantex Digital Media by contacting Bantex Sales Manager Bill Foster at Print these facts sheets and make them available at the counter and on sales calls.

  • Training – While training is not exactly merchandising, it is closely aligned. Be sure that your salespeople are familiar with the features and benefits of Bantex and are able to spot a potential Bantex customer – someone who is discerning in terms of color and image quality. Banners and signs printed on Bantex offer the potential for strong margins and loyal customers.

These are just a few tips on how you can maximize your print shop to support a brand image based on quality, value and service while helping to drive your sign and banner sales, including those using Bantex Digital Media.

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