Salisbury, Maryland, Utilizes Bantex Media for Latest Downtown Banners

Posted by Bantex Digital Team on September 21, 2019

Salisbury, Maryland

Salisbury, Maryland, is a community of 30,000 located at the head of Wicomico River and considered the commercial hub of the Delmarva Peninsula, which is bordered on one side by Chesapeake Bay. It’s the largest city in the state's Eastern Shore region with a rich history dating back to the colonial era. It remains a vibrant community, dedicated to continual growth, having attracted a wide variety of businesses in addition to county, state and federal government offices. The City also hosts numerous events celebrating local culture and the arts.

As part of a downtown revitalization program, Salisbury is creating a new and enlarged town square while also making improvements to streets, lighting, parking and other infrastructure, such as storm water drainage. The Salisbury program is typical of many efforts taking place across the country to breathe new life into center cities.

“Our goal in the downtown revitalization is to attract more people to visit this part of our community and to increase their enjoyment of all that downtown has to offer,” said Mike Zimmerman, project engineer with the Salisbury Department of Infrastructure and Development. “Communications is supporting our revitalization effort.”

Outdoor street and pole banners are an essential element in the Salisbury revitalization program, helping create a brand image for downtown while also assisting with way-finding, including access to parking. Street banners include key words and phrases that encapsulate the Salisbury downtown image, such as “Craft Brews,” “Dining” and “History.” Recently purchased colorful banners are made with Bantex Supreme 18oz 2 Sided materials.

"The banners have been working well for us, providing colorful elements, supporting an enhanced brand image for downtown and adding to our communications efforts,” he said. “We have specified Bantex material for some of our recent banner purchases because of its durability and bright colors. I wasn’t familiar with banner materials at first, but did some online research which helped in our deciding to specify Bantex.”

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