Printer in Alaska Switches to Bantex Digital Media And Says ‘Good-Bye’ to Print and Quality Issues

Posted by Bantex Digital Team on November 13, 2018

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The PIP Printing office in Anchorage, Alaska, offers a wide variety of printing solutions, ranging from offset printing, wall murals, window displays and bindery to mailing services. The company also offers vinyl banners, which were a source of headaches until the company made the switch to Bantex Digital Media.

“With the other material we were using for banners, we had issues of either too much heat or not enough heat and the ink would either not fully dry or the material would start to ripple,” said Dana Profeta, manager of the Anchorage office. “A lot of our banner work is with roll-up banners and the other material we used had issues with scratching. We were also having problems with edges curling after the banners were on display after a period of time.”

After switching to Bantex about two years ago, production and quality issues related to vinyl banners were resolved. Bantex Digital Media runs smoothly on PIP’s HP latex printer with excellent results in terms of print color and clarity. Banner customers include museums, fitness clubs and advertising agencies, with agencies representing the bulk of the banner business for roll-up displays often used at point-of-sale and for new product roll-outs.

PIP primarily uses Bantex® Curl Free 10oz Blackback™ as well as Bantex® Curl Free™ 13oz 2 Sided. The company finds that the Blackback version of Bantex creates an upscale look when used in retail settings and they can count on Bantex to provide a consistently professional look with curl free edges even after extended use.

“Bantex is slightly more expensive on the front end than the material we were using before, but we’ve found that with Bantex we’ve reduced our waste, so we’ve come out ahead of the game,” he said. As they say, ‘you get what you pay for.’ Our customers are happy with the results, and we plan to continue using Bantex.

PIP, Inc. is a leading printing, signs and marketing services franchisor and its independently owned and operated PIP centers are located nationwide and in select countries around the globe. Each center is owned and operated by independent franchisees.


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