Pole Banners in South Carolina Still Flying After Hurricane

Posted by Bantex Digital Team on September 20, 2019

Port Royal - 3

When the small South Carolina coastal community of Port Royal contacted Printology Signs for pole banners in their downtown area, it turned to a trusted supplier, Georgia Printco, to fabricate the new signage. And, it’s a good thing they did.

Those banners withstood Hurricane Matthew in 2016 – a Category 5 storm – and are still just as beautiful as the day they were installed. The secret to this success is a combination of robust construction methods by Georgia Printco and the use of Bantex® Supreme 18 oz. Two-Sided material.

“We add webbing to the edges of our pole banners and also inside the pockets giving them added strength,” said Michael Clarke, director of public relations and marketing for the Lakeland, Georgia-based firm. “We also use Bantex 18oz material which offers the durability and print quality that outdoor applications demand.”

According to Clarke, one of the key features of Bantex 18-ounce is the polyester scrim that Herculite incorporates into the product. It’s this layer of scrim sandwiched between two layers of micro-textured vinyl that gives Bantex its great looks and exceptional durability.

Port Royal - 1

While some banner products claim a higher weight, denier or thread count, it’s the tensile and tear strength of Bantex Supreme – the highest in the industry – that account for its durability. Tensile strength refers to the ability of a material to withstand longitudinal stress, while tear strength is a measure of the force required to cause a fabric to tear. Some products use heavier vinyl materials to boost their weights, but these heavier materials are not comparable to the strength and durability encompassed by the engineering of the Bantex brand. When you combine quality fabrication with a robust material such as Bantex, even hurricanes are no match.

“We continue to see strong demand for pole banners,” said Clarke, whose company serves sign and graphic shops with wholesale fabrication of pole banners and outside flexible signage. "Cities and colleges use pole banners for branding, promotions and providing directions, and they demand the very best in quality because of the high visibility involved. It’s an application where you don’t want to scrimp on materials or fabrication.”

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