For Outdoor Banners and Signs, Nothing Beats Bantex 18 Ounce

Posted by Bantex Digital Team on September 9, 2019


When it comes to vinyl banners and signs for outdoor applications, nothing beats Bantex Supreme 18oz 2 Sided for durability in the most extreme weather conditions.


Bantex Supreme was specifically engineered for all that Mother Nature can dish out, from driving rain and wind to extreme heat. As a two-sided vinyl substrate, Bantex Supreme is ideal for high-end promotional applications such as residential neighborhoods, shopping centers and office parks. It’s also an excellent material for use in promoting special events such as athletic competitions.

Micro-texturing on both sides of Bantex Supreme results in exceptional color impact and image clarity for two-sided printing while the product’s superior tensile and tear strength ensures durability. Sign shops that attempt to provide two-sided outdoor banners by gluing two separate commodity-grade banners together can attest to how often this short-cut solution falls apart, resulting in an unhappy customer and additional costs and headaches for everyone.

One of the many users that can attest to the strength of Bantex Supreme is Georgia Printco, a wholesale provider that relies on Bantex Supreme for outdoor banner applications. Bantex Supreme has earned the loyalty of Georgia Printco.

“One of our customers in South Carolina left our banners outside during a Category 3 hurricane, and the banners survived the storm,” said Michael Clarke, director of public relations and marketing for the Lakeland, Georgia, based company. “That’s why we work with Bantex Digital Media. We do have customers occasionally who question the price, but we tell them we have tried other materials and Bantex is the only one that will last. I tell customers, we wouldn’t use anything else.”


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