Elements that Makes Bantex Digital ‘Premier’

Posted by Bantex Digital Team on October 7, 2019

iStock-961652102When we talk about Bantex Digital Media, we like to describe it as a “premier” offering. Of course, you hear words like “premier” in all marketing literature, but when we use the word “premier” we can back it up because of the Bantex Digital Media “secret sauce:”

  • Made in the U.S.A. – The vinyl substrates that go into Bantex Digital Media are made in the U.S.A., and Bantex itself is manufactured at our plant in York, Pennsylvania. “Made in the U.S.A.” is important for ensuring quality and supporting American jobs, but when it comes to Bantex there is one other important benefit to our customers – they have easy access to technical and customer support from our own employees with decades of experience and dedication to the success of every customer.
  • ColorSure Technology™ - We created the term “ColorSure Technology™” to encapsulate all of the features that make Bantex Digital Media truly a premier product. From the selection of first quality vinyl substrates to proprietary manufacturing processes, there is a wealth of material science behind each and every yard of Bantex Digital Media.
  • Engineering a flexible composite textile – Another term we often use in describing Bantex Digital is “flexible composite textile.” This term means that Bantex products are created by joining layers of vinyl with a core scrim of polyester fabric, using heat, pressure and PVC adhesives. The result is a durable product that can be printed smoothly, efficiently and at maximum speeds by the latest digital inkjet printers.
  • Micro-textured surfaces – Unlike many other vinyl materials, we take an extra step with Bantex by micro-texturing the surface. This process is what gives Bantex the ability to deliver stunning color pop and image clarity. And, for our two-sided products, there is micro-texturing on both sides so that a two-sided banner can be printed with great results any way you look at it.
  • Curl-free offering – Many vinyl materials say they are “curl-free” but how many of them back it up with a guarantee? At Bantex we guarantee that our curl-free products will remain curl-free for the life of the product so that point of sale displays look great and build customer brands with quality.
  • Robust outdoor applications – One of our wholesale sign manufacturing customers tells us that banners made with Bantex withstood a category 3 hurricane and came out looking great. That probably says it all when it comes to outdoor applications using Bantex Digital. Best of all, with two-sided printing, outdoor banners will move through printers with speed, efficiency and consistent quality. Or, if you prefer a unique look, consider Bantex in a black-side version.
  • Arrives factory fresh – It’s one thing to create a great product but quite another to ensure that it arrives still factory fresh. At Bantex, we take such pride in our products that we take an extra step by packaging them in suspension boxes, ensuring that they arrive at customer locations defect free and ready to print.

That’s it – an insider’s technical look at “premier” vinyl materials for digital inkjet printing of banners and signs. 

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