Creating Graphic Designs: Tips and Advice

Posted by Bantex Digital Team on August 12, 2015

BayPath_BannerBillboards, banners, awnings, and other specialty fabric products are excellent canvases for your company to print on and attract new clientele. With the advancement in technology and printing techniques, graphically designed signs are easier and cheaper to utilize.

The importance of graphic design shouldn’t be underestimated according to “Effective Graphic Design” a paper by Lisa A. Pennisi, Tourism Marketing Specialist and Alexis A. Winder, Student, Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication, published by the University of Nebraska – Lincoln Extension, Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

“Quality graphic designs are essential to the effectiveness of any visual communication in most advertising, marketing, or educational piece, graphic design is as important as the writing because it helps draw a reader’s attention and helps them focus on the text.”

It’s important to remember that when you design a graphic that it emphasizes your company’s key message. But before you start designing, here are some essential things you should ask yourself: What’s your goal? Do you want to advertise a deal? What will your color scheme be? (This will affect the base color of the fabric you print on). Where will this graphic designed fabric be placed? (On an awning? Banner?) Do you want to emphasize your company’s brand identity? If so, do you already have a logo for that?

Also, remember when you design a graphic for a banner, you’re communicating with your audience and creating something engaging and powerful is important. Don’t just put words or a picture, design something that catches the eye; you don’t want to waste your time and money.

Here are some tips on creating a good graphic according to the paper by Pennisi and Winder:

  • “Group related items together.”
  • “Set unrelated items apart.”
  • “Use white space, lines, bars, colored margins, and boxes to help define space.”
  • “Create visually appealing proportion by dividing the page into thirds and using a 2:3 white space – and the other one-third for another element.”
  • “Isolate an element by providing more white space around it.”
  • “Change the appearance of a word, phrase, or image to help it stand out.”
  • “Use different shapes. For example, if there are many boxes, use a circle instead.”
  • “Make your most important graphic the largest element on the page and consider placing it at the top or near the center of the page to attract the eye.”
  • “Use horizontal lines to break up columns.”
  • “Increase the emphasis of an element by placing it within the top one-third of the page; decrease emphasis by placing it lower on the page.”
  • “Brighter, prominent colors will create emphasis, just as larger text will stands out more. Use the largest text for headings and extremely important points.”

With the right graphic design, you can communicate your message effectively driving home your company’s brand identity or key message. Remember, in our fast-paced, technologically advanced society/culture, we spend less time reading and looking at things than we did in the past; it’s important to be able to grab your audience’s attention with a creative, savvy looking graphic that will help boost your business and garner attention from potential customers.

And remember, when you’re ready to print your graphic on to a banner or awning, choosing the right material is also essential in the way your design will look.  For example, you’ll ‘want fabric that will allow a full bleed on the material and is curl free. You will also want to consider fabric that is flame retardant and micro-textured for lower dot gain. Herculite Inc. offers its Bantex ® Bannner Media  line of fabrics which are excellent for your graphic printing needs.

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