Cheap Banner Signs Actually Cost More

Posted by Bantex Digital Team on March 17, 2015

banner_curl_2"2 out of 3 people feel sign quality reflects a business’s quality!"   InfoTrends 2014

Banner signs are an excellent way to advertise, promote your company’s key messages, and attract new clientele. But, not every banner sign is made the same way! In fact, banner signs not only differ in sizes, but in materials and weight, types of ink used, and even types of display stands or fixtures. 

Banners can be made from vinyl, acrylic, plastic, and even wood. Investing in a quality banner can save you in the long run. How you might be asking? Well, for starters, a good banner sign can last you for years; it just depends on what type of material and features they are made from. For example, banners can be made UV resistant, micro-textured for lower dot gain, and be made flame retardant. Some banner signs can also be made to have no edge-curls for years!

Plus, the weight of the banner material you use can play a role in longevity. Remember, depending on the type of material you use, the thinner it is, the easier it is for it to tear, get worn out, or curl.

Printing on your banner can also vary. Banners can be printed with photographic quality and predictable color clarity. If you use low-grade ink, your banner sign can fade - especially if it’s outside - and over a short period of time, you will have to replace it with another one. That’s why using high-grade materials and ink is important. Why spend more than you have to? For example, if you decide to buy a cheap banner sign that uses ink that isn’t UV resistant, made from fabric that is too thin, or made from materials that aren’t flame, water or mildew resistant, then you might be buying several of those cheap banners over a short period of time. In the long run, you might be spending way more on buying cheap signs over-and-over again than what you would have on one quality banner sign which could last for years and years.

So where can you find excellent quality banner materials? For starters, Herculite Inc. has a line of graphics and media products that stand the test of time. Herculite offers its Bantex® Banner Media which is the premier digital print media for all solvent based, UV curable and latex digital inkjet printers. Optimal stock widths allow “full-bleed” printing on 36" and 72" output.  Bantex® Banner Media graphic fabrics are manufactured from the highest grades of polymer films to ensure ease of profiling and the highest resolution possible.

Herculite uses a unique core process stability technique which insures virtually no shrinkage during the drying process; so the size you buy is pretty much the size you get.  Plus, Herculite offers its Printer's Choice® brand, a premier media line with 30 years of proven success. This brand meets the demanding needs of the screen print industry and this banner sign fabric comes in a variety of weights, strengths, widths, and colors.  The Printer’s Choice brand ranges from 7 oz. short term fabric to an 18 oz. product with maximum durability. The fabric also readily accepts UV and conventional inks and so much more.

So remember, it pays to invest in a quality banner sign; you save in the long run. Visit for more information about its graphics and media banner sign fabric products.

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