Bantex Made in America - Our Customers Speak

Posted by Craig Zola on November 20, 2016

Bantex Made in America

At two recent graphics trade shows, we asked industry experts about the printing quality of Made in America Bantex® and why it's important to them. Those experts provided some interesting thoughts and perspective on how purchasing premium, domestically manufactured goods has helped them and their businesses.

Q: Why is made in America really that important?

A: “I mean, aside from the obvious sentimental connection that manufacturing in America matters because all the people in the sign business and in the manufacture of the equipment business are, in many cases, all in the United States and I would like my media to be sourced from the United States -- provided that the quality makes sense, provided that the reliability makes sense, and provided that I can reliable, consistent rolls that in the long run can save me a lot of money and time. On the more direct side of it, it controls the manufacture of the surface tension of the plasticizers, and of the quality. I don’t wonder whether it’s taken too long to ship or it got overheated in the delivery, or any number of things that could have gone wrong. It’s made here, it has a lifespan that’s pretty short, it shipped directly from the manufacturer to the distributors -- so it’s in the hand of the consumer within a couple of months, and the chances of it having issues of sitting on a boat, or sitting in storage, or being too old or out of expiration are much less likely. I mean it’s just easier to control your chemistry if it’s all being done here -- as well as your distribution and sourcing. Herculite is the last American manufacturer that I know of PVC scrim banner available in the United States. I don’t know of another that’s available in the United States that’s actually manufactured here in the United States.”

- Mr. Timothy Mitchell, Designjet Scitex Latex Experience Large-Format Architect, Hewlett-Packard Company, Alpharetta, GA

Q: Why do you prefer Bantex® 18 Ounce two sided over the competition?

A: “Because it works. I send it to my client and it just lasts. I have had it on top of a bridge for months, and it’s still there! We are two hours from Chicago and there’s a lot of wind. It is a quality product – the ink dries right away, I fold it, I put in the grommets and it’s done. My clients are happy and that’s what I care about. I have no worries – I know that Bantex means quality.”

- Mr. Micky Rodriguez, Owner, Custom Signs and Graphics, Colona, IL

A: "We use the Bantex® 18 OZ banner material exclusively for all of our pole banners and street signs. It’s a fantastic product. We’ve been using the product for the past 12 years, and our customers have been nothing but pleased with it."

- Mr. Tom Clarke, Co-Owner, Georgia Printco, Lakeland, GA