Bantex® Digital Media - The Secret Sauce

Posted by Bantex Digital Team on July 25, 2019

ColorSure_WheelThere are many things that make Bantex® Digital Media the industry’s premier flexible composite textile for digital inkjet printing of vinyl banners and signs. We call it “ColorSure Technology.™”

ColorSure Technology refers to the fact that Bantex Digital Media is specifically engineered and manufactured for digital inkjet printing of vinyl banners and signs. Today’s digital printers can create amazing color and image clarity but only when they have a material that allows these printers to do their best work, and that’s Bantex.

In terms of the secret sauce for Bantex, it begins with the selection of quality vinyl materials that are manufactured in the U.S. By working with U.S. suppliers, we can be sure that the vinyl used for Bantex is not only first quality, but also manufactured according to strict environmental standards.

The next element in ColorSure Technology is how we join two layers of vinyl together to form what’s known as a flexible composite textile. While many vinyl materials on the market today are joined using just heat and pressure, the layers that form Bantex are joined by heat, pressure and a specially formulated adhesive, assuring a durable product that runs smoothly and at top speeds. Finally, Bantex products are micro-textured on the surface, resulting in superior color pop and image clarity.

The process of producing Bantex occurs at our manufacturing center in York, Pennsylvania, where we have invested in the latest technology and where our people bring decades of experience to the job. It’s this team in York that also provides technical and customer support so that our customers are assured of easy and consistent access to needed assistance.

Finally, Bantex Digital Media is shipped in boxes that are designed to assure that each roll arrives defect free. We know that shipping and handling can be rigorous, and our boxes assure that Bantex arrives just as perfect as it leaves our plant.

That’s it. Now you know some of the elements that make Bantex the industry leader in quality.

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