Banners that use Grommets

Posted by Bantex Digital Team on April 1, 2015

Banner_with_GrommetsBanners are a great accessory for any event, advertising campaign, or party. As simple as banners may seem, there’s a lot more to them than meets the eye. Banners are made from various materials – canvas, vinyl, polyester composites, etc… – and can be hung or put on different types of stands. When it comes to hanging a banner sign, things start to get a little more complex.

If you’re thinking about hanging your banner sign you have to know about grommets. So what exactly is a grommet? Grommets are small metal rings that are used to reinforce holes in a material for the purposes of hanging. Usually, you see grommets in banner signs and things like curtains. Here’s a rundown of what grommets are:

  • Grommets are made from two pieces of various types of materials including but not limited to: rubber; plastic; and different types of metal.
  • Two grommet pieces are pressed together to form a strong ring/hole in your fabric.
  • The ring allows you to pass rope, string, hooks or other hanging devices through securely.
  • Grommets are not the same as eyelets which are made from a single metal piece rather than two pieces.

When looking at a hanging banner, you will see grommets are placed at each corner. Typically, metal grommets – most commonly brass – is used in banner signs. Metal grommets are strong and durable allowing you to use heavier rope or devices to hang your sign without tearing your fabric.

Using plastic or rubber grommets also offers durability and the added benefit of avoiding sharp edges in the ring which can cut or fray the material you’re using to hang your sign. Plastic and rubber grommets can also help prevent water, air, and dirt contamination.

Grommets also come in standard sizes including: 3/16”, ⅜”, ½”, 1 7/16” and 3”. For banner sign grommets, you can ask for any size but know that the standard size is ⅜”. Now, if you’re thinking grommets ruin the aesthetics of your banner sign, think again. Grommets can be strategically and tastefully placed or positioned on your sign so that it doesn’t retract from the beauty of your banner.

Using grommets to hang your sign is a great way to hang your sign without using tape or other adhesives. Using tape or glue can potentially tear your sign (when removing tape) or leave a sticky residue. The great thing about grommets is that either you can do it yourself and create your own for your banner sign by purchasing a tool kit or you can have it done professionally. Just remember to do your due diligence and find the right company for your banner and grommet needs.

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