Banner Signs are More Versatile than you Think

Posted by Bantex Digital Team on December 1, 2015

Banner_Woman_edited-2.jpgWhen you think of banner signs, you probably think about those large bulky signs at conventions, events, and even those big ones you see at sales and on buildings. But did you know that sign banners come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors?

In fact, sign banners are more versatile than you might think. Using grommets (eyelets or small holes in the banner) you can hang your sign on the outside of your building. Also, you can use a small banner sign for your indoor needs.  In fact banners can be small enough to be made into a retractable sign for your reception desk.

For offices and showrooms, you can also use a larger retractable or fixed banner sign that’s tastefully placed next to your products. So you see, banners are for more than just trade shows! And what better way to catch your customer’s eye with a colorful and beautiful banner that shows your company’s logo?

And for outdoors, you can use an outdoor display banner. These signs can be made to look like flags but with your company’s logo, message, or sale information. In fact, you probably have seen these kinds of bannersbut never really realized these were banners. That’s how versatile these specialty fabric products can be.

So that being said, what types, fabrics, sizes and stands are available? Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Types & Sizes
    • Roll up
    • Custom
    • Event Sign like a flag or is a large rectangular shape or whatever you creative mind can fathom
    • Poster
    • Indoor
    • Outdoor
  • Stands
    • Retractable
    • Rigid pole
    • Tension pole
    • Outdoor display
  • Fabrics
    • Vinyl
    • Mesh
    • Canvas
    • Vinyl Polyester composites
    • Nylon
    • Satin
    • Various synthetic fibers

Remember, the weight of your sign banner also varies and comes in different ounces. Also, the type of printing you use matters as well. You can use digital printing or screen printing. (We’ll talk about what type of printing to use in a later blog).

That being said, using a good fabric is important; good fabric will last and stand the test of time and wear and tear. For example, Herculite Inc.’s Bantex Digital Banner Media is a great choice for your banner fabric. The fabric is available in various widths and ounces, is flame retardant, micro-textured for lower dot gain, and can have no edge curl for five years! These fabrics also can have photographic print quality.

For more information about Bantex Digital Banner Media visit us at and let us know if we can help you.

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