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Bantex and HP Latex Printers

Posted by Craig Zola on February 27, 2019

Would you like to know how to access information as to which Bantex® products are "Certified for HP Latex Inks" for use on your new Hewlett Packard Latex Printer? Find printer models and specifications to get the best print possible with your high-quality Bantex Digtal Media below.

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Vinyl Banner Signs – Does the Material Really Matter that Much?

Posted by Craig Zola on September 13, 2018

Vinyl is a very commonly used material in banner signs. But, do you know why? As businessmen and women, we don’t often think about the type of fabric that’s used in our banner signs. We assume our manufacturer has our best interests in mind, and rightfully so. 

Manufacturers like Herculite Inc. know which type of material is best for which product. Whether it’s for a marine cover, tent, awning, or banner sign, Herculite works hard to provide its customers with the right material for a project. 

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What Are the Best Banner Fabrics?

Posted by Craig Zola on July 7, 2018

When it comes to putting up information for display, you want a banner material that is durable and able to sustain a bit of damage. Banners are often placed in locations where they receive a lot of wear and tear like trade shows, conventions or even outdoors. Even under normal usage those banners will need to be resilient, let alone if those conditions feature severe weather, or the banner falls to the ground. In order to keep your graphics looking fresh, you want to be sure to utilize a fabric that is durable enough to maintain its attractive look.

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