Aerial Banner Signs: Flying High

Posted by Bantex Digital Team on September 5, 2016

Home_GraphicsMedia_03.jpgWhen we think of banner signs, we often think about the traditional hanging or standing  products seen at events or conferences. But, to find one of the more exciting sign offerings, one must simply look to the sky.

Aerial banner signs are a great way to advertise your business or convey a message to the public in a unique and fun way. Usually, aerial banners are flown over densely populated public places like beaches, outdoor venues, and parks where your audience is relaxed and likely more receptive to advertising.

You can choose the time and location of your banner flight (day or night!) to effectively target the audience you want to reach. Aerial advertising, or banner towing, offers a flexible and cost-effective form of promotion that engages potential clients in a unique manner. Once you’ve created your aerial banner you can use it again and again, only incurring costs when you schedule flight times. Contact your local aerial banner advertising company for prices.

Of course, choosing the right fabric for your aerial project is key. Banner signs are made with unique features like UV ray resistance, curl free edges, and colorfast protection. Herculite Inc. offers a variety of specialty fabrics for the graphics and media industries, including banner signs.

Herculite’s Bantex Digital Banner Media offers strength, durability, and aesthetic quality. The fabric is designed with the following features:

  • Flame retardance
  • Micro-texture for lower dot gain
  • Photographic print quality
  • No edge curl for five years
  • Great outdoor durability
  • Predictable color clarity

When it comes to banner signs – whether aerial or grounded – it’s important to remember that not all specialty fabrics are created equally. Using a quality textile for your banner sign is essential.

Considering a high flying advertisement or a grounded display? Learn more about Bantex fabrics - the best vinyl banner material on the market. If you have questions about your project, or want to explore Herculite’s graphics media products, give us a call at 800-772-0036.